Wensheng Dou

Wensheng Dou

Description of Work

Willow Ⅰ - Brass - $300

Willow II - Brass - $300

Willow II - Brass - $300

Willow V - Brass - $300

Artist's Statement

Being raised in a big city, surrounded by reinforced concrete that made me more attracted to nature. The inspiration of my senior studio work is rain. The interaction between rain and the nature is always interesting to me. Rain reminds me of home and childhood. I remember watching rain dropping from leaves. Poems often use rain to address emotions. My parents are big fans of poetry, and because of their influence, I always want a poetic sense in my work. Rain can represent depression and sadness, but it also can represent the calm and peaceful. I want my work to represent the peaceful side of rain, providing a joyful poetic experience to the audience.

I want to represent willow leaves in the rain. Willow is one of my favorite plants. The way those leaves assemble is very satisfying for me. I admire the elegance of the shape of willow leaves. When rain happens, Rain drops drip on leaves and make those leaves move in different directions. Many poems from ancient China would reference willow for emotions. Willow could represent vigor, amorous and parting. Most of my works are made by metals. I like to work on metals because it’s a material that will last for a long time, unlike leaves. Once the rain drops on leaves, it will make a shape that’s different, but it’s gone very quick. My metalwork freezes that moment, leaving the bending leaves frozen in their altered form, maintaining the elegance of willow leaves for a long time.

Both rain and willow has been very important to me as a symbol of home. I want to add the mild feeling that home give me every time I think about it. I want to bring joyful experience to the audience and share my aesthetic with them.

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If you wish to purchase any of these pieces, please contact the gallery director, Jacqueline Nathan (jnathan@bgsu.edu.)


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