Master of Science in Forensic Science

Why a Master's Degree in Forensic Science?

The field of forensic science continues to advance at a rapid pace. Professionals who desire to continue or pursue a career in the field are expected to be informed about the latest trends in order to advance in their current positions or explore new career opportunities.

The master’s degree in Forensic Science (MSFS) program refreshes, solidifies and upgrades the undergraduate and current practitioner knowledge base, allowing students to prepare for new challenges they will encounter in their professional careers. As a result, graduates of the program will be equipped with up-to-date knowledge and skills in forensic biology and forensic chemistry, creating opportunities to become sought-after leaders in their profession.

This degree is offered for students with strong science backgrounds who desire to work in a lab.

Why the MSFS at Bowling Green State University?

A new world-class Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) crime laboratory and investigations facility is located on BGSU’s main campus. Consequently, our students have the opportunity to collaborate with real-world practitioners, providing invaluable professional preparation.

Program Strength and Uniqueness

•   Unique partnership with Ohio BCI on-campus crime lab and investigation facility
•   Crime houses provide the ability to demonstrate real world crime scenes on campus
•   Opportunities to learn from both faculty and accomplished forensic and CSI professionals in solving authentic crime scenarios
•   Students learn the current knowledge and skills coveted by employers across the country and around the world

March 2024 the MSFS program at BGSU received accreditation from the Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission (FEPAC).

Why Choose a FEPAC Accredited Program?

As the entertainment industry recognized popular interest in forensic science, so too have institutions of higher learning.  “Forensic Science” programs of varying content and quality are widely available nationally. How do you know which will best prepare you for a career in forensic science?

FEPAC accredited programs, such as that offered by BGSU, are required to meet rigorous curriculum, faculty, facility and academic support standards. Students graduating from an accredited institution can be assured they will receive the proper coursework, from faculty with real-world forensic experience, in a learning environment designed specifically for their success. In turn, employers recognize FEPAC accredited program graduates as highly qualified job candidates, possessing the exact education and training sought in their future forensic scientists.

Professional opportunities

Graduates of the program will be prepared to assume positions in both the public sector in government agencies and in private organizations as forensic scientists. Active forensic science practitioners will develop new skills in order to increase the professional knowledge and leadership capabilities necessary to keep up with the ever-changing methods and technologies of this dynamic, multidisciplinary profession.

MSFS Student Handbook

Please see our MSFS Student Handbook for policy, procedures, and vital information.

For students moving forward starting Summer 2024 please refer to this updated handbook: MSFS Handbook SU 2024

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