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The Department of Biological Sciences is a diverse group of faculty and students focused on the study of living organisms across a wide variety of scales from the cellular and molecular to the landscape scales. In addition, students and faculty regularly collaborate with colleagues in other departments and institutions to foster truly interdisciplinary approaches both in the classroom and in the research setting. Research strengths of the department include: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology , Ecology and Conservation Biology and Neuroscience and Behavior.

The mission of the department is three-fold:

  • To provide high-quality instruction in Biology for undergraduate and graduate students
  • To conduct research of national and international significance in the field of Biology
  • To provide professional leadership to the national and international scientific communities


Dr. Dan Pavuk discusses the increase in mosquitos and ticks this year on WTOL.


Graduate Student Senate (GSS) Awards

Biological Sciences:

Kristen Harrigan, Distinguished Thesis Award: Biological/Life Sciences, 2017

Ana Jurcak, Outstanding Graduate Student Award, 2017-2018

Josie Lindsey-Robbins, Katzner Award: First Place, Spring 2018

Katelyn Schumacher, GSS Senator of the Year Award, 2017-2018

Preston Thompson, Katzner Award: Third Place, Spring 2018

Sarah Wofford, Distinguished Dissertation Award: Biological/Life Sciences, 2017

Immersed In Water Quality

Immersed In Water Quality

BGSU establishes the Center for Great Lakes and Watershed Studies Read More

News and Stories



Biologist Dr. Moira van Staaden has pursued her teaching and research in communication, social systems and the interplay among them from her native South Africa to Europe to the United States, and she has gained a reputation as a top scholar in her field of neuroethology. But in response to what she has observed over her career, and in the past 19 years at Bowling Green State University, she has made the professional decision to also dedicate herself to imparting the joy and methods of science to students and to improving its pedagogy for faculty. Her goals are to encourage and increase study in the STEM disciplines and to develop and share research-based instructional practices for teaching them. In this she has become an internationally recognized expert in STEM education. Read More

Algae Bloom Covers 700 Square Miles of Lake Erie

Algae Bloom Covers 700 Square Miles of Lake Erie

An algae bloom in Lake Erie's western basin, bordering Michigan and Ohio, is turning portions of the lake bright green. Algae blooms have been getting larger and more frequent in the lake, and in 2014 one affected Toledo, Ohio's water supply. Jeremy Hobson of National Public Radio’s Here & Now talks with BGSU associate professor Timothy Davis about what causes the blooms and how they might be prevented. Read More

Root To Lead Society for Conservation Biology

Root To Lead Society for Conservation Biology

Associate professor Karen Root will have the opportunity to expand her contribution to conservation and to the community of professionals who share her values. She was recently elected to the leadership of the Society for Conservation Biology North America. "This is an organization I believe in," she said. "They're highly motivated, very passionate people giving so much of themselves and doing the thing they care most about, all on a volunteer basis. It's my professional home where I feel most comfortable.” Read More