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Master of Fine Arts Exhibition

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Opening Exhibition: Tuesday March 28, 5pm

Dorothy Uber Bryan Lobby Gallery

Fine Arts Center, Bowling Green State University

Palmyra: Exploring Dissemination

New student-curated exhibition.

Now a trending topic of discussion because of its targeted destruction by ISIS, the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra has long been a site of intrigue for an international audience. Over the many centuries, Palmyra has had a powerful visual, cultural, and emotional impact on locals and travelers alike. The recent acts of iconoclasm carried out at the site bring to light the complexities of how we, as humans, interact with and respond to images. 

This exhibition addresses various visualizations produced after the site’s rediscovery by European travelers and scholars in the seventeenth century. Responses to the site are complex, traversing multiple media, including prints, photographs, video, and 3D-printed models. Removed from the site in distance and, in most cases, in time, these works convey the influence of Palmyra on the imagination both ancient and contemporary. 

Organized by students in ARTH 6040: Iconoclasm Ancient and Modern, supervised by Dr. Sean Leatherbury.


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