Graduate Council Representatives

Representative Unit Term
Dr. Kim Coates American Culture Studies 2020
Dr. Ray Larsen Biological Sciences 2021
Dr. Robert Green Computer Science 2021
Ms. Kimberly Spallinger English 2021
Dr. Travis Worst Forensic Science 2022
Dr. Benjamin Greene History 2021
Dr. Steven Seubert
Mathematics & Statistics
Dr. Mihai Staic Mathematics & Statistics 2020
Dr. Sara Worley Philosophy 2020
Dr. John Cable Photochemical Sciences 2022
Dr. Lewis Fulcher Physics 2021
Dr. Shannon Orr Political Science 2022
Dr. Catherine Stein
Dr. Ray Swisher Sociology 2022
Dr. Jonathan Chambers Theatre and Film 2022
Dr. Amy Robinson World Languages and Cultures 2022 (FIL 2019-2020)
Dr. Valeria Grinberg Pla World Languages and Cultures 2022 (Sub for Robinson)
Mr. Michael Arrigo School of Art 2022
Dr. Emily Anzicek School of Media and Communication 2022
Dr. Kurt Panter School of Earth, Environment, & Society
Dr. Sheila Roberts College of Arts and Sciences