Geology MS

Master of Science in Geology

The School of Earth, Environment and Society offers a curriculum leading to the Master of Science degree in Geology.  We aim to give students a sufficient background in geology and related fields to successfully pursue a career in research, teaching, or industry.

Our program has earned a national reputation for applying the modern tools of geospatial technology to geological and environmental problems. These tools, which are applicable to any discipline in geology, from environmental geology to mineralogy to paleontology, give our graduates an edge in today's job market. Within this broad framework, individual programs are tailored to each student's interests and background. Most ongoing student research involves an integration of field and lab work with computer applications.

The School especially welcomes applications from non-traditional students having undergraduate degrees in areas such as environmental studies, geography, physical or biological sciences, engineering, or mathematics. Applicants with diverse backgrounds may pursue accelerated programs designed to give them a sound background in geology in a minimum amount of time. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of geology, students with diverse backgrounds will find many career opportunities open to them.