Gabrielle Kreitzer

Gabrielle Kreitzer

Description of Work

Mostly Yellow - 52" x 63" Oil on canvas - $1,500.00

Kinda Red - 52" x 63" Oil on canvas - $1,500.00

Artist's Statement

The everyday experiences we encounter is what drives the current work that I am making. There is a certain emotional quality that we may feel when we come into contact with visual phenomena and this perception cannot always be expressed through speech, music or any other form of communication. The work serves as a vehicle to describe these perceptions and expresses it visually. That “nature”-be it a bedroom, kitchen, or anyone’s favorite locale-can illustrate an understanding of one’s experience of the world. The use of paint mimics these perceptual phenomena through action and reaction.  The physical action of applying paint to a canvas as well as working with the fluidity of the medium, illustrates how these phenomena may be encountered and experienced in life. The reaction to these marks and colors made by the paint express the perception that we have not only to the phenomena, but also the quality of the paint. The paint itself becomes a physical representation of perceptions that cannot be explained through a means of communication. The paint allows opportunities to create representations of spatial illusion, exaggeration, and play.  Steeped in the visual ground of the painting lies indications of emotions, ideas, and impulsive thoughts that are expressed in the same abstract manner as the mark making. We may not understand these conventions in a way that can be formed into words, but we can however express the feelings or thoughts in various ways. The work aims to illustrate these conventions through the mark making, color, and brush strokes. The work aims to resolve any conflicts we have with the conventions and illustrates them in a way that can be better understood. 

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