The Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Law (PPEL) program is part of the BGSU College of Arts and Sciences.

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  • Minor Available
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Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Law (PPEL)

The major in Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Law is a multidisciplinary undergraduate program that provides an integrated curriculum, drawing on the methods and insights of philosophy, political science and economics.

Quality classroom experiences

The study of Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Law focuses on real issues. The program provides students with information and analytical abilities helpful in answering pressing questions more effectively. Small class sizes in the major enhance the opportunities for lively discussions and interactions.

Stand Out in courses like

  • Contemporary Moral Issues
  • American Government
  • The History of Political Economy
  • Philosophy, Politics & Economics


PPEL coursework focuses on teaching students how to understand and evaluate the production, maintenance and interaction of social, political, legal and economic institutions. Its aim is to provoke critical reflection on the relationship between different institutions–political, legal, social and economic.

The program emphasizes grappling with the moral and historical bases of political and economic life, while equipping students with rigorous analytical thinking skills that are increasingly important in business, policy, law and other fields.

There are three program tracks within PPEL: Law, Ethics & Policy, and National & International Perspectives.

The major emphasizes research and argument, which is an excellent preparation for graduate work and law school.  

Internships and Careers

Internships can take place within law firms, non-governmental agencies, diplomatic offices, Congress, lobbying firms, public advocacy groups, hospitals and research institutes.

Students who pursue the law track often move on to law school or a career related to the law The ethics and policy track prepares students for research and careers in public health, nonprofits and policymaking, and students in the national and international perspectives track go on to careers in government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) domestically or internationally.

Go Far in your career

  • Government agencies
  • Law school/law firms
  • NGOs
  • Public health officials

PPEL can be pursued as a pre-law major

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The Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Law (PPEL) program is part of the BGSU College of Arts and Sciences.

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