The Bowling Green State University Honors College supports the BGSU mission by fostering a community of scholars.  Through an emphasis on personal and intellectual development, members are challenged to identify their values and broaden their worldview.

The Honors College is a small, intentional community of high achieving students - exceptional scholars who embody academic excellence.  Our small class sizes invite thoughtful, spirited interaction among students who draw strength, focus and inspiration from each other.  We're better individually because of who we are collectively.

Honors College

The University Honors Program was established in 1978, and designated as an Honors College in 2013.


  • Honors College members enjoy a lifelong commitment to engaged citizenship.
  • Honors College members sharpen their critical thinking, allowing them to attain comfort with ambiguity, to cultivate innovation and curiosity, and to explore personal values. 
  • The Honors curriculum promotes collaborative work, creativity, and interdisciplinary studies that culminate in original scholarship in the completion of an Honors capstone project.
  • Honors College students can expect to engage in leadership and professional development opportunities which lead to self-authorship.*
  • Honors College Students work with faculty mentors who encourage them to become leaders in their respective professions and communities.

*Self-authorship is “the capacity to internally define a coherent belief system and identity that coordinates engagement in mutual relations with the larger world” (Baxter Magolda in Baxter Magolda & King, 2004, p. xxii).

Upcoming Events

Honors 40th Anniversary


Sara Houlihan '09 Recognized as BGSU's 10 under 10!


Sara Houlihan ’09
Sara Houlihan is a physical therapist at Michigan Medicine at the University of Michigan in the departments of General Medicine, Oncology and Emergency Medicine. Since being promoted to her current position as a clinical specialist in 2017, she has played a vital role in developing the physical therapy program and new training methods for residents in the Emergency Department. She also is the lead trainer for the electronic medical record system. Houlihan has served BGSU in many capacities since earning her degree in applied health science, including as a member of the Pre-Professional Programs Advisory Board, Honors College Leadership Council member and as a BGSU One Day ambassador. She also coordinates clinical and observation opportunities for current students.