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Honors College students sharpen their critical thinking, allowing them to attain comfort with ambiguity, to cultivate innovation and curiosity, and to explore personal values.


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Learn more about our Honors Students of Color

Honors Students of Color

BGSU Honors Students of Color seeks to equip our multicultural students with the confidence, skills, and tools to successfully navigate their experience not only in the Honors College but at BGSU. 

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BGSU Honors Learning Community 

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I am grateful for this program and the people in it because it helped me prepare for each year at BGSU and think about the goals I wanted to accomplish. From start to finish, my ALS experience was one for which I will be forever grateful.

Nikhita Jacobs 


The Honors College is a challenging and supportive environment where you can discover the best in yourself. Our small class sizes invite thoughtful, spirited interaction among students who draw strength, focus and inspiration from each other. Professors see the best in you, and expect the best from you. Individualized advising and programming helps you to find a community on campus. The Honors College intentionally focuses on building a community where everyone can belong. So, join us on this journey of intellectual discovery.

Stand Out.

Many of our students reflect how the Honors College gives them the confidence to go across campus and make a difference throughout their collegiate career at BGSU and beyond.  Honors students participate in ground breaking research, write music, enrich the university by serving in key leadership roles, and travel abroad to deepen their understanding of the world around them. “The Honors College is a place for BGSU’s brightest and best students to thrive. We strive to create a supportive environment for academic and personal growth, and to prepare students for graduation and for lifelong learning and success.” Simon Morgan-Russell, Ph.D., Dean

Student Success Stories 

Kenzie Moss, 2019/2020 Hoskins Global Scholar

Kenzie Moss learned about the Hoskins Global Scholarship in a “Critical Thinking about Great Ideas” class. She hesitated, but an idea was growing in her mind, and the scholarship would help make it happen.

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Audra Gill, 2019/2020 Hoskins Global Scholar

Audra Gill didn’t know she would find her life’s passion here; the Hoskins Global Scholarship inspired this Wooster, Ohio native to take her ambitions all the way to South Africa.

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Quinn Eberhard, 2019/2020 Hoskins Global Scholar

The Hoskins Global Scholarship enabled Quinn Eberhard, a junior in Honors College and the College of Arts and Sciences, to develop an algorithm, or set of rules, so scientists worldwide could make faster progress in their research.

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BGSU allows Elle Fullenkamp to grow beyond limitations of her small hometown

Although education was her major, that was just one part of the journey Elle Fullenkamp made through her years at Bowling Green State University. Student organizations, including the Vagina Monologues, Queer/Trans Student Union and Task Force on Sexual Assault, rounded out her academic career.

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BGSU Honors student to enter competitive sales arena

Derwin Pritchett has a love for sports. He originally became aware of Bowling Green State University through its acclaimed sport management program. The Maryland native visited both BGSU and the University of Michigan before finally deciding to become a Falcon.

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Double major is walking his own musical path

Declan Wicks is graduating with degrees in world music and international studies. To many, the sounds of cars driving down a street or wind rustling through the trees may be background noise, but to Wicks these sounds can help define a city, but they also defined his time at BGSU.

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Go Far.

The Honors College prepares students to enter competitive internships and graduate programs, while also preparing them for the job market.  Students who have graduated from BGSU’s Honors College have continued their journey of academic excellence at some of the most rigorous graduate and professional programs in the country and have found success landing jobs at competitive national companies.  Just a few of the organizations, graduate schools, and companies are below.

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Over 95% of Honors students retain at BGSU


million dollars received in scholarships each year by Honors students


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