Rachel Immel

Rachel Immel

James W. Strong Digital Arts Studio Achievement Award


Description of Work

Uplifted - Animation - Not for Sale

Artist's Statement


To be uplifted not only means to be raised to a higher physical place, but it can also mean being spiritually influenced in a positive way. Inspired by personal events and experiences, Uplifted, is a short narrative animation that follows a carpenter who has just recently lost his daughter and an angel statue that has long been forgotten. The two cross paths one fateful evening and help each other find new hope for the future.

Experiencing loss, both in a physical and emotional sense, is an inevitable part of living. Accepting that change is a huge aspect of the healing process because things will never be the same as they were before, but that does not mean that they will never get better. Hope tends to appear in the most unexpected ways, which is what this work celebrates.

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