Section 1. Directory Information
College Office Organizational Chart
Section 2. Arts & Sciences Governance Document
Section 3. Course Schedule Preparation/Faculty Assignments
Schedule Development
Class Data Form
Faculty Assignment Report
Scheduling Checklist
Unstaffed Courses Report
Time Grid (BGSU Official) for Classes
Time Grid Report Form
Creating an e-campus section in CSS
Creating a College Credit Plus section in CSS
Long-Term Sick Leave Usage Form
Calculating Sick Leave [from the Provost’s Office]
Pay Request from a Sponsored Project
Project Director Form
Section 4. Budget Preparation and Procedures
Attachment D: Cost-Recovery Timeline Template
Contract Addendum Form
Desktop or Laptop System for New Faculty Member Request Form
Request for Faculty Development Funds Form (please print on pink paper)
Prioritized Request for Positions
Start-Up Allocations Involving Computer Equip Config/Cost Estimates Form
Supplemental Payment Form
Section 5. Curriculum Modification Procedures
Curriculum Modification information
Section 6. Collegiate Personnel Policies
Faculty Annual Review
Annual Faculty Record Update(print on front and back)
Merit Ratings Form
Hiring - Administrative
Administrative Staff Affiliate Status Request
Administrative Staff ContractRequest(please print on green paper)
Hiring - Fulltime Faculty
Explanation of Forms
Applicant Data/Request to Interview
Appointment Activity Record
EEO Data Sheet
Faculty Position Authorization
Full-Time Contract Request(please print on yellow paper)
I-9 Form [Employment Eligibility Verification]
Recruitment Plan Checklist
Referral Source Form
Hiring - Adjunct
Adjunct Contract Request(please print on blue paper)
Adjunct Teaching Rates
Adjunct Recruitment Process
Overload Assignment(please print on blue paper)

Permission Form for Staff to Teach
Checklist for Faculty Members Leaving University Employment
Non-Student Letter of Appointment
Independent Contractor Service Agreement & Instructions
Section 7. Promotion & Tenure Material
Section 8. Collegiate Chair/Director Personnel Procedures
Chair/Director Annual Evaluation Form
Interdisciplinary Director Performance Review Form
Section 9. Student Procedures and Policies
A&S Student Handbook
Section 10. University Policies
BG1 Card Department Authorization form

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