Josh Van Sant

Josh Van Sant

Our New Climate

Description of Work

Our New Climate - Photoshop, Premiere Pro, video recordings of myself, gifs, props, and still images - Not for Sale

Artist's Statement

I create drawings, digital paintings, and concept art. My work provides connections to the viewers on an emotional level through the use of symbolic imagery, universal experiences, and color. My work revolves around events I’ve experienced myself; therefore, I want to allow the viewer to empathize with similar experiences they had through the artworks I’ve created.

“Shattered Past” revolves around the sense of loneliness and change. The drawing is grey-scale and pictures a figure seen through a glasses lens. The figure only shows their back as they walk away from the viewer as a trail of footprints follows the figure as it heads toward the outer world. People care about loved one. This piece mirrors the feeling of not knowing if someone they know is living in an isolated state of mind and distancing themselves from everyone.

“My Dear Love; A Choice” is a bright color pencil piece containing warm colors to give off a sunset visual to help create a calming feel, which is then embodied around the notion of loss, or losing a loved one. Symbolism supports this with the standout color of a blue rose, which blue is a color related to sadness; the rose symbolizes love. A lone cherry blossom is also shown on top of a branch which symbolizes love and female mystique. This work signifies the loss of a beloved woman

The motive to create these artworks is the idea that we all experience universal emotions. Everybody is capable of expressing the same emotions, but everyone handles them differently. With a context of color theory, and human emotions, I work to represent the meeting point of the viewer and their emotional side.

If you wish to purchase any of these pieces, please contact the gallery director, Jacqueline Nathan (


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