Trent Clayton

Trent Clayton

Description of Work

"Hotel Royal, 337 Broadway" - Relief, screen print - $500.00

"Burt's Theater, 725 Jefferson Ave." - Relief, screen print - $500.00

"Hotel Secor,  144 N. Superior Street" - Relief, screen print - $375.00

"Hotel Royal Triptych" - Cyanotype - $250.00

"Burt's Theater Triptych" - Cyanotype - $250.00

"Hotel Secor Triptych" - Cyanotype - $250.00

Artist's Statement

My body of work is a collection of prints that explore early 20th century architectural structures within Toledo, Ohio’s Middle grounds and Warehouse districts. Architecture as a mode of artistic expression and as a creative process have always inspired the form that my work takes. The transitional state of architecture within Toledo causes me to further wonder about the stories belonging to each location within this series of prints and what is to come for these spaces in the future. Each print in this body of work is created by collaging different architectural features specific to site through a variety of digital art, photographic and printmaking processes. The visual style used throughout the series is directly inspired from technical diagrams, blueprints, and photographs belonging to each location researched throughout the project. Through collaging the variety of characteristics and original structural forms found, the portrayal of each building in the series is an extension of it’s own design elements. This series of prints provides a glimpse into the variety of design practices seen through Toledo, Ohio’s architecture during the early 20th century.

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