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Since 1929, the College of Arts and Sciences at BGSU has offered innovative and engaging academic programs to the students at Bowling Green State University, educating young leaders through a rich liberal arts curriculum and offering areas of study in the sciences that take you from the depths of the Great Lakes to the farthest corners of the universe.  All of our programs feature advanced equipment for research and learning.

Although we're BGSU's largest college, we pride ourselves on the personal attention we afford students. The College advising staff is available to help undecided students determine the major that's right for them, explore career options, schedule classes, and plan ahead so they can graduate on time. Faculty advisors in each of our departments are also available to advise their majors about internships, co-ops, courses, graduate school, and careers as well as talk to them about their long-range aspirations and immediate concerns.

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Bouzat research team sheds light on penguin evolution

Bouzat research team sheds light on penguin evolution

Dr. Juan Bouzat, a professor in Bowling Green State University's Department of Biological Sciences, is part of an international research team studying the evolution of penguins. He is a co-author of a study published in the journal of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution that demonstrates the importance of island formation in the diversification of penguins and posits the discovery of two extinct penguin species from New Zealand. The research, recently highlighted by the New York Times, was conducted by a diverse team of 19 scholars representing eight countries and 16 research institutions and universities.

During a sabbatical, Bouzat initiated collaborations at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark alongside a consortium of scholars who are uncovering the genomes of 10,000 species of birds. This major international collaboration has helped with efforts to complete the genome sequencing of all penguin species. The New York Times article highlights just one of the outcomes of this research. Doctoral student Tess Cole from the University of Otago, New Zealand, coordinated the analysis of the mitochondrial genomes of penguins, which led to the discovery of two new subspecies of penguins in the Chatham Islands: the dwarf yellow-eyed penguin and a new crested penguin. Read More

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Wallach invited to speak on continued relevance of recording studios

In today’s world of technology-infused artistic production, music can be made and recorded without the musicians ever being in the same room. However, there is undeniably an ineffable something that happens when they are together that cannot be achieved separately, according to Dr. Jeremy Wallach, a Bowling Green State University professor of popular culture and expert on popular music and globalization. 

Wallach was invited to discuss this phenomenon recently in Venice, Italy, at the annual “Music and Musicology in the 21st Century” conference of the Giorgio Cini Intercultural Institute of Comparative Music Studies, a humanities research foundation. This year’s focus was “Ethnography of Recording Studios.” 

“You might ask, now that everything is digital, why even talk about recording studios?” Wallach said. “But recording studios are still a very important site of music production and people want to use them. They’re still around because of the interactions that happen there.”
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BFA art exhibition displays visual joy and thoughtful content

BFA art exhibition displays visual joy and thoughtful content

The School of Art’s 2019 BFA Senior Thesis Exhibition earned praise from exhibition juror David Hilliard, a well-known photographer from Boston.

In his comments about the show, which runs through April 14 in the Fine Arts Center galleries, Hilliard said, “The exhibition was a joy to jury. The artwork felt very interdisciplinary and the best pieces hit a wonderful balance between sharply skilled form and rigorously critical content.

“This exhibition is generous in terms of its visual joy and thoughtful content,” he stated.

During the exhibition opening, School of Art Director Charles Kanwischer announced that the undergraduate show demonstrated talent that is as good as any other school in the country, public or private, and equal to a lot of graduate-level work. Hilliard’s comments about the quality of work aligned with statements previously made by NASAD evaluators, Kanwischer said. Read More

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