Bob Bortel retires, leaves 'write of passage'

Bob Bortel retires, leaves 'write of passage'

Bowling Green State University's Bob Bortel leaves legacy after 39 years as director of student media and publications.


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The nationally accredited public relations program provides students with the personal and professional skills and the broad educational foundations necessary for effective lifelong learning in a technologically changing, multicultural society.
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BGSU Chemistry students

A look at 100 years of voting rights

BGSU faculty members reflect on successes and failures since the U.S. ratified the 19th Amendment extending voting right to American women.

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Gender resentment may affect COVID-19 stay-at-home compliance

Bowling Green State University political scientist Dr. Nicole Kalaf-Hughes' research looks at state health orders' effectiveness when issued by women in positions of power.

BGSU designs virtual course to immerse students in Spanish culture

Even though BGSU’s Education Abroad programs have been canceled for Spring 2021 because of the ongoing pandemic, students still will have the chance to immerse themselves in Spanish culture. BGSU’s International Programs and Partnerships worked with the Department of World Languages and Cultures to create a virtual study abroad program.



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