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Since 1929, the College of Arts and Sciences at BGSU has offered innovative and engaging academic programs to the students at Bowling Green State University, educating young leaders through a rich liberal arts curriculum and offering areas of study in the sciences that take you from the depths of the Great Lakes to the farthest corners of the universe.  All of our programs feature advanced equipment for research and learning.

Although we're BGSU's largest college, we pride ourselves on the personal attention we afford students. The College advising staff is available to help undecided students determine the major that's right for them, explore career options, schedule classes, and plan ahead so they can graduate on time. Faculty advisors in each of our departments are also available to advise their majors about internships, co-ops, courses, graduate school, and careers as well as talk to them about their long-range aspirations and immediate concerns.

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Dr. Scott Rogers examines effects of ancient microbes in new book

The idea of freezing a life in ice and thawing it out years — even centuries — later has been used extensively in novels, movies and comics.

According to Dr. Scott Rogers, biology professor at Bowling Green State University, in his new book, “Defrosting Ancient Microbes: Emerging Genomes in a Warmer World,” this concept may be more fact than fiction, and the outcomes of this are just as worrying as they are exciting.

“I felt that the time had come to tell the public about some of the exciting, interesting and alarming information that scientists, including us, have discovered about the organisms we have found in environmental ice,” Rogers said. “It ties in well with the global climate change information discussed over the past several decades.”

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BGSU researchers receive NOAA grant for aquaponics

Dr. Kevin Neves, an assistant teaching professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Bowling Green State University, always has been interested in sustainable aquaculture, or fish farming. When he came to BGSU, the department wanted him to start a hands-on project for students. He continued to use his expertise in aquaculture to start an aquaponics system at the University. Recently, Neves, along with two other BGSU faculty members, were awarded a $212,000 Sea Grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to improve consumer acceptance of the aquaponics system. The grant work will span two years. Neves will work alongside Dr. Jonathan Kershaw, assistant professor in the Department of Public and Allied Health, and Dr. Fei Weisstein, associate professor in the Department of Marketing.

Dr. Valeria Grinberg Pla to present BGSU College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Faculty Lecture

Dr. Valeria Grinberg Pla will present the College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Faculty Lecture, “Making Sense of the Lack of Sense: Filming in Post-War Guatemala,” at 4 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 27, in the BGSU Film Theatre, 206 Bowen-Thompson Student Union.
Grinberg Pla is a literary, cultural and film critic from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has been a professor of Spanish, Latin American literature, and cultural studies at Bowling Green State University since 2006.
In her lecture, Grinberg Pla will discuss how words such as democracy, freedom and justice cease to have meaning in post-war societies because of the suspension of the social, political and cultural structures that define them.
The event is free and open to the public. A reception will follow the lecture.

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