Chairs and Directors Handbook

Table of Contents

Instructions for Use

This handbook was recently converted to a templated design. If you find any errors, please notify our webmaster. The Chair/Director Handbook has been organized into a simple book-like interface that includes a table of contents and individual sections of text. Navigate to the section of the handbook in which you are interested. All forms and charts are located in the Appendix.

Section 1. College Overview and Directory Information

Section 2. Arts & Sciences Governance Document

Section 3. Course Schedule Preparation/Faculty Assignments

Section 4. Budget Preparation and Procedures

Section 5. Curriculum Modification Procedures

Section 6. Collegiate Personnel Policies (Under Revision 9/2013)

Section 7. Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion Material

Section 8. Collegiate Chair/Director Personnel Procedures

Section 9. Student Procedures and Policies

Section 10. University Policies

Appendix--Forms and Charts

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