Megan Gercak

Megan Gercak

Dominick and Elizabeth Labino Art and Technology Award - Nominee

Description of Work

The Legend of Kalvelya - Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop - Not for Sale

The Legend of Kalvelya

Artist's Statement

The Legend of Kalvelya is an immersive narrative told through 3D and 2D animation and experienced in virtual reality. Using elements of fantasy through the lens of the archetypal rebirth story, The Legend of Kalvelya is the origin of a magical land and the people who came to live there. The story and its visual elements explore the concepts of creation, escapism, and how a shift in perspective can change everything. It is also a look into my personal journey with art and how the joy of creation allows me to overcome various obstacles in my life. The Legend of Kalvelya places the viewer directly into a new and magic world. It allows them the wonder and momentary escape a different reality can provide.

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