Megan Harnish

Megan Harnish

Tom and Jane Vanden Eynden Art Education Award

Description of Work

Untangle Me - 48" x 68" -  Charcoal on paper - $650.00

Held Down - 48" - 68" - Charcoal on paper - $650.00

Artist's Statement

    Often in love and lust, there is a fine line between desire, attraction, and romantic affection. More often than not in today’s society, the social constructs of romantic relationships have been misconstrued, and many males and females alike are manipulated or strung along in toxic relationships. My drawings are a portrayal of that fine line, of the ambiguity caused between the dramatic, yet intimate tension that exists between the figures I portray. Perhaps this ambiguity can allude to beautiful romantic moments of embrace or perhaps moments of abuse or violence. The content can be read as provocative or being modest, with portions of the figures covered, but revealing enough to express a sense of sexuality.

I am very driven by Jennifer Lee’s quote “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” This is exemplified in the way I live my life, and as well as the way I create my artwork. My goal is for the viewer to feel an essence of fearlessness in this body of work; I strive to somehow express the physicality of the way I use charcoal in a way that displays a direct correlation to capturing the power of the physicality and intimacy of the content and concept behind my drawings. 

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