Fawn Denbow

Fawn Denbow

Dominick and Elizabeth Labino Art and Technology Award - Winner

Description of Work

Behind the Mirror - Glass, Wood - Not for Sale

Dancers Path - Glass - Not for Sale

Stiches - Glass, Copper - Not for Sale

Innocence - Glass - $1500

Artist's Statement

    I have an intense desire for perfection, as many dancers do. The beauty of the dance and the purity of the dancer are evident when observing a performance. Beneath the elegance may be a bruised body and mind; a secret kept by the dancer. Within the countless variations of dance, there are an equal amount of unseen wounds. The tattered shoe provides a glimpse of these hidden agonies to the audience. Toenails vanished, cuts emerged, surgeries required, blisters and bruises formed. All while the dancer pretends to find bliss in the unstable perfection.

 I strive to portray this flawless torment within my work. Glass can be a highly unpredictable medium. The mold is placed in a kiln to be closed until the firing process is complete. When in the kiln the mold can break into pieces or glass could not flow into the piece. There are countless hours of preparation and assessing every detail for the potential of a failure. 

Throughout the process of glass casting, I aim for that painful yet satisfying perfection. A kind of perfection that reveals both the beauty and grace, as well as the grit and grime. Dancers masterfully represent their roles on stage with dignity and poise, while simultaneously withholding turbulent emotions within. My work is a physical representation of both of these stories as one.

If you wish to purchase any of these pieces, please contact the gallery director, Jacqueline Nathan (jnathan@bgsu.edu.)


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