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Program alumni have applied their skills in a wide range of career paths, as exemplified in the below comments from former students. Use the use the on-line form at the bottom of the page to submit your own story about how BGSU's Spanish graduate experiences have contributed to your successes! The page will be updated periodically to add new comments.

“Studying abroad in Alcalá de Henares, Spain, with the AYA program and deciding to pursue a Master of Arts degree in Spanish at Bowling Green State University have been the two most influential and beneficial decisions I have made in starting my professional career.  I have easily stood out among job candidates in the field of foreign language education, and I have been fortunate enough to receive multiple job offers from which I was able to choose my preferred position on two separate occasions.  My M.A. degree in Spanish has qualified me to teach upper level high school courses with confidence, it has also qualified me to teach high school/university dual enrollment courses, and to apply for positions in a much wider range of educational institutions.  I have been fortunate enough to enjoy the luxury of choice in a difficult job market strictly due to my preparation from BGSU.” 
--Megan B. High School Spanish Teacher 

“During the BGSU MA program, I learned that I was not only interested in being a study abroad student myself, but also in helping other students navigate their own study abroad experiences. The academic expertise, linguistic ability, teaching skills, and cultural competence that I gained through the BGSU MA program made me a competitive candidate for jobs and further studies. Since starting my career in international education, I have had the opportunity to teach and do research abroad and I have also worked with students, faculty, and administrators to develop study abroad programs around the world.” 
--Erica F., Study Abroad Coordinator 

“BGSU’s MA program is a gem. I was able to live and study abroad for an entire year. My Spanish improved tenfold and I came back a more mature and independent person ready for a global market place/bicultural non-profit work environment….As a person who has gone on to a doctoral program, the qualifying essays for my MA at BGSU increased my abilities and my confidence in self-driven academic work and performance." 
--Trudie C.M., (former) AmeriCorps VISTA, (current) PhD student in Second Language Acquisition 

“The invaluable experience as a T.A. gave me the confidence and experience that my current employer was looking for when they hired me. Each and every one of my classes opened my mind to different works, theories and ideas that inspired me. Finally, the abroad experience solidified my language competency to where I felt comfortable being in front of a group of students.” 
--John T., University Spanish Lecturer 

“After graduating from BGSU, I taught English as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant, and later applied to a graduate program in Speech-Language Pathology. My studies at BGSU and in Mexico gave me a strong foundation to become a competent bilingual therapist working to help English Language Learners and their families.” 
– Brandon B., Speech-Language Clinician

“This program really opens doors. The study abroad opportunity, the one-on-one interaction with engaging and distinguished faculty, and the push to pursue individual academic interests all made for excellent training. I felt extremely prepared starting my PhD." 
–Matthew B., PhD student 

“BGSU has influenced every step I've taken in my career track…When I graduated from BG, I worked as an executive at Target. One of the reasons they hired me was that I had strong analysis skills from the work I had been doing on my thesis…About a year later I started working as a study abroad advisor. Clearly my experience in Spain put me in an ideal position to be the expert advisor for students seeking Spanish-speaking programs…After that, I went back to school to study survey research methodology…I ended up in educational research, and my experience at BG has helped me in some meaningful ways…I often check the translations of the surveys we use…and have conducted focus groups with Spanish-speaking parents in their native language. This is invaluable in my research since the parents are able to discuss the difficulties they have navigating their children's schools, who often have limited resourced to help non-English-speaking populations.” 
–Clarissa S., Survey Researcher

"Doing the Masters in Spanish program at BGSU was one of the best decisions I ever made. The year in Spain was essential in sharpening my Spanish skills and provided a wonderful cultural experience in addition to making lifelong friends. The year at BG was just as memorable as I formed relationships with excellent professors who cared about their students, and I had a myriad of learning experiences that helped prepare me for my current position… Also, all of the material covered over the two years of the program stretched my horizons and is very applicable to my job today.”
--Deanna N.R., High School Spanish Teacher

"Overall, my experience abroad not only provided a rich foundation for the second year of my M.A. studies back in Ohio, but it has proved to be an extremely valuable life lesson."
--Ryan C., Accreditation Coordinator

"The Master’s program helped me improve my Spanish abilities immensely by delving into a deeper curriculum of grammar and linguistics as well as literature, poetry, history and politics.  It has allowed me to excel in my teaching career, teaching levels 1-4 at the high school level. I am able to teach all of these levels with confidence knowing I have the necessary skills and knowledge.  I am so proud to be a BGSU graduate of the Spanish department and I owe many thanks to the fantastic staff that guided me through rigorous and well-rounded courses."
--Danielle S., High School Spanish teacher

"Studying Spanish language and culture through BGSU's AYA Study Abroad Program at the Universidad de Alcalá turned out to be one of the most valuable experiences of my life….Through participation in this program, I not only became competent in the language and gained a deeper understanding of Spanish Culture, but I also made numerous life-long friends and saw other doors open for me….BGSU's AYA Undergraduate and Masters Programs fully prepared me for the challenges of a top-tier Ph.D. Program in the field of Spanish literatures and cultures. The first-hand cultural experiences I had while studying in Alcalá gave me a level of insight that many of my classmates did not have, since often they came from Undergraduate and Masters Programs that did not emphasize the importance of living and studying in a Spanish-speaking country. Whatever the case may be, there is surely no better place in the entire world to study Spanish language and literature than in the picturesque university town of Alcalá de Henares, birthplace of Miguel de Cervantes, alma mater of Pedro Calderón de la Barca, Francisco de Quevedo, Tirso de Molina, and el humilde Don Timoteo el Toledano.  Que siempre vivan BGSU y AYA en Alcalá de Henares!"
--Timothy A. '03, University Professor

"The BGSU Spanish graduate program and the study abroad in Alcalá de Henares, Spain with the AYA Program are excellent.  The academic year in Alcalá was definitely a year of intense learning, not only of the Spanish language, but also of Spain’s culture, history, literature, traditions, politics, and ideology.  The AYA Program was well directed and skillfully organized. The MA program at BGSU was taught by outstanding professors whose classes prepared me for the next step that I was encouraged to take: a PhD in Medieval Spanish Literature, which I completed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Thus, to all of you at BGSU and the AYA Program: You made my dreams come true!  Mil gracias!"
--Gabriela C. '93, University Professor

"I was a Spanish high school teacher for 10 years before deciding to get my MA in Spanish. After taking students to Spain and realizing I had lost my fluency, I began the search for a program that offered a year in Spain. I was fortunate enough to be accepted by BGSU and I didn't hesitate a bit even though I lived out of state…That year abroad changed my life. Not only did I achieve my goal of fluency but I also made lifelong friends, met the man I later married and grew immensely, both academically and personally…. When my students are considering graduate school, I speak to them at length about my invaluable experience through BGSU."
--Liz C. '98, University Professor

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