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See what alumni have to say about the BGSU Spanish graduate program and leave your own comment

Program alumni have applied their skills in a wide range of career paths, as exemplified in the below comments from former students. Use the on-line form at the bottom of the page to submit your own story about how BGSU's Spanish graduate experiences have contributed to your successes! The page will be updated periodically to add new comments.

Tyler “Bear” Anthony
Ph.D. student, Vanderbilt University

“Going into the Spanish Master’s Degree program with BGSU was one of the best decisions I have made in my academic career. Not only was I able to spend another year abroad in Spain and make new connections and strengthen former ones, but I also developed strong bonds with faculty on campus. Their experiences and teaching styles have helped me to be more prepared in my current Doctoral Program and I am finding myself constantly referring back to old notes from my BGSU Spanish courses. Their guidance while writing my Master’s Thesis allowed me to pursue something I am passionate about in a fun and academic way while also preparing me for the next step at the doctoral level. I am grateful for my time spent in this Master’s Program and for the faculty that deepened my passion for the language and culture!”

bear anthony 

Christine Milgie 0072 

Christine Milgie
Adjunct Spanish faculty member, BGSU

"El programa me brindó oportunidades fenomenales. Pude estudiar en España, aprender sobre una multitud de temas hispánicos y escribir una tesis sobre la evaluación de la competencia oral en las clases de lenguas extranjeras. Estoy sinceramente agradecida por la ayuda y el apoyo del maravilloso profesorado que me inspiró a lograr mis metas académicas."

Kelvin Santiago
Spanish teacher, Escuela SMART Academy, Toledo

"Durante mis estudios de maestría, pude graduarme con mucha dedicación, entusiasmo, y gracias a los consejos y la enseñanza impartida por un profesorado de excelencia al cual les estoy plenamente agradecido. Le doy gracias a Dios por haberlos puesto en mi camino y por las experiencias vividas."

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