Matthew England

Matthew England

Description of Work

Leaf Hunter Simon - Photoshop, Java - Not for Sale

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Artist's Statement

Leaf Hunter Simon is an interactive art piece that allows readers to choose the direction of the narrative by making decisions for the main character. Readers can also interact with certain panels by rolling the mouse over them to change them. One of my goals with this project is to add to the “choose-your-own-adventure” genre of storytelling.

My BFA project is one of the dozens of stories I wish to tell, each one based on my thoughts on various topics, different experiences I have had throughout my life, or just certain scenarios that I created. The main character, Simon, is a reflection of who I was as a child. He greatly struggles with social situations and treats his toy as his best friend, much like I did in my elementary school years. With this project, I aim to showcase the behavior of introverted children.


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