School of Art

For over 75 years, the School of Art at Bowling Green State University has provided a nurturing environment, encouraging students to express their creative voice in a school where art and design is innovative, vibrant, and full of possibilities. 

Our five divisions include StudioDigital ArtsGraphic DesignArt Education and Art History.

At the School of Art, students pursuing our BA, BFA, MA, or MFA degrees experience the exclusivity of a private art academy - our student to faculty ratio is 15:1 - yet enjoy the affordability of a state university.

And, because we are one of the largest state art schools in Ohio, we are able to offer a diverse array of studio and art history classes and study abroad opportunities, as well as the facilities and faculty to position students for successful internships and careers. Many of our students acquire hands-on experience through internships with local and regional arts organizations as well as prominent national entities organizations such as Disney Animation, Pixar, and the Museum of Modern Art.

The School of Art has been accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design since 1984.



News and Stories

GD Senior Show 2020: &

All of our seniors have been introduced and are ready to show you what they've got! We are one day away from launching the Senior Show! Stay tuned for the big reveal, May 15th at 5pm! Read More

BGSU art history students reimagine artists’ iconography in modern-day selfies

An assignment in Dr. Allie Terry-Fritsch’s art history  class at Bowling Green State University provided a lesson in iconography and resourcefulness.  Students in the Northern European Renaissance Art History course studied self-portraits of that region’s Renaissance artists and used that knowledge and items they found at home while sheltering in place to create modern-day selfies. Read More


In a situation replayed across the country students from my Senior Studio Painting and Drawing class became castaways from campus for the final eight weeks of their tenure at BGSU. The result is a showcase of the skill, creativity, honesty and thoughtfulness that went into realizing a compelling body of work we’ve entitled Rewired.