About the College

The College of Arts and Sciences is an intellectual community that nurtures student learning, fosters faculty research and creative activity, and provides service to the larger community.

The College of Arts and Sciences brings together disciplines in the arts, humanities, mathematics, natural sciences, and social sciences to form the intellectual heart of Bowling Green State University. It is the mission of the College to foster liberal education, to encourage the generation of knowledge, and to contribute to the good of the community. The College promotes lifelong learning, research, creative activity, social and professional responsibility and growth. To these ends, the College challenges students to think critically and intuitively, to cross disciplinary boundaries, to recognize and value diverse perspectives, and to solve problems creatively and with perseverance.

The College of Arts and Sciences is dedicated to national distinction as an intellectual community that fosters personal commitment to lifelong learning, to intellectual, creative and personal growth, and to enduring values of a liberal education. To that end, the College is helping undergraduate and graduate students achieve their potential intellectually, culturally and personally and to become global citizens.

The College of Arts and Sciences values:

  • Excellence in teaching, research and creative activity, service and support activities
  • Creating and disseminating new knowledge and creative expression
  • Preparing individuals for leadership, professions, citizenship, and lifelong learning
  • Promoting critical thinking and clear communication; scientific, mathematical and technological literacy; sensitivity to literature, culture and the arts; and appreciation of different ways of knowing
  • An environment of mutual respect and collaboration
  • Human dignity, pluralism, and cultural diversity