Alexis Rubertino

Alexis Rubertino

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my Self is the Art is - Video, table, chairs, books - Not for Sale

my Self is the Artist is

Artist's Statement

my Self is the Art is

The guiding question for this work is How does self-reflection play a role in artmaking, particularly involving tacit artist-viewer communication?

I consider the self to be the recognition of a sum of experiences which constitute a sense of being: the self is experiential baggage that actively shapes the way one experiences the world. Artists must analyze their self and assume the viewer’s self to fulfill the intention of their art.

Art, loosely defined, points at or interacts with life and living – artists gather materials (visuals, ideas, audios, objects, etc.) and combine them to provide juxtapositions which create this experience. The artist looks critically at their relationship with these juxtapositions in order to anticipate what potential connections and experiences they might create for a viewer.

This installation explores this reflective, self-conscientious part of artmaking and art-experiencing. Viewers are encouraged to sit down at the table, read the books, and watch the video; this participatory element is essential for the act of participation to become a prop of the work. As the piece is non-immersive viewers are susceptible to being watched: bystanders can see viewers as part of the piece, and thus viewing (participating) becomes part of the understanding of the piece.

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