Amy Wagner

Amy Wagner

Description of Work

Karl-Heinz Wagner - 18" x 80" - Digital Imaging, Projection - Not for Sale

Artist's Statement

“Karl-Heinz Wagner”

Family is a mutual topic that ties all people together. Everyone has family stories and mysteries that are passed down from their elders. The central figure of this work is Karl Heinz Wagner. He is the last known living relative that we know of in Germany. Karl is the missing puzzle piece that could reunite our separated families.  My use of projection represents the space between visual and physical. We have visual information and pictures represented through projection but the human person is physically not there. My artwork touches on the ideas of familial separation and immigration. A majority of Americans have experienced immigration as our country is a “melting pot” of cultures. With the current issue of immigration, it is important to remember that excluding indigenous peoples, we are all immigrants.

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