Paige Livesay

Paige Livesay

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The Letter - 2D Animation - Not for Sale

Artist's Statement

The Letter

My work is about a woman who grows up into the dismal repetition of adulthood, and it’s not until she reads a childhood letter from her past self that she realizes she’s lost the bright spark of childhood wonder and innocence.  Every person will eventually outgrow childhood and be stained by society in one way or another, and I wanted to capture this reality.  I made “The Letter” because I found a childhood letter from my past self this summer, and while not all of the details in the letter were happy ones, they exuded positivity.  This piece of my history made me realize that I lost the never-ending upbeat attitude of a child without fear of the outside world and society.  I animated this in Photoshop as a 2D animation, keeping a cartoony flare, and I used my own letter as inspiration.

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