Department of Popular Culture

Bowling Green State University is the only institution in the nation to have a Department of Popular Culture. We offer a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to earn a bachelor of arts degree with a Popular Culture major and for graduate students to earn a masters degree in Popular Culture. Undergraduates majoring in any field can take approved Popular Culture courses to meet BGSU humanities requirements and can complete a Popular Culture minor or a Folklore minor. We regularly offer both graduate and undergraduate courses in popular music, television, film, literature, and folklore, as well as courses that focus on how to research and analyze popular culture and its influence on society.  

Popular Culture students study those aspects of national and international culture which have the most impact on a majority of the population. The 10 full-time faculty in the department hold doctoral degrees in American Culture, Anthropology, Asian Studies, Ethnic Studies, Folklore, and Women's Studies: we share an interest in bringing these different perspectives to our research and teaching about popular culture. While popular culture may at first appear to be a trivial matter, it turns out to be the site where many of the most important and controversial issues are explored and debated.

Popular Culture Colloquium Series
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Get a Degree in Popular Culture

Get a Degree in Popular Culture

Training in Popular Culture can prepare students for many careers. Read More

News and Stories

Wallach Book Published in Indonesian Language

Wallach Book Published in Indonesian Language

Dr. Jeremy Wallach’s doctoral research took him to Indonesia in 1997, a pivotal time in the political and social life for that country, and his topic—the Indonesian music scene—played a role in the change that led from dictatorship to democracy. That research—which took him to college campuses, cafes, recording studios, rock concerts, rural villages and urban neighborhoods—found its way into his 2008 book, “Modern Noise, Fluid Genres: Popular Music in Indonesia 1997-2001.” It has now been translated into Bahasa Indonesia by Jakarta publisher Komunitas Bambu with a new introduction by Wallach and a new title. Read More

"Researching the Romance" Conference

April 13-14, 2018

In 1997, the Browne Popular Culture Library at BGSU held one of the first academically oriented conferences on the genre of popular romance fiction. The event included authors and academics from around the country. In the years since the last conference at BGSU, the romance industry has grown to more than $1 billion per year in sales, and the study of popular romance has grown by leaps and bounds along with it. And we think it's high time we reconvene in Northwest Ohio to talk about it.   Registration: Advance registration is required for Friday's events, but not for Saturday. Registration is FREE!   Read More

Popular Culture Research Institute

Popular Culture Research Institute

June 3-8, 2018

"Topics in Popular Culture: Researching, Writing, and Workshopping your Ideas"

For the third year, the PCA/ACA, the BGSU Department of Popular Culture, the Ray and Pat Browne Library for Popular Culture Studies and the Music Library and Bill Schurk Sound Archives are jointly sponsoring a summer research institute at Bowling Green State University Read More