MA in English (Online)

Master of Arts in English with a specialization in Professional Writing and Rhetoric

Program Overview

The Professional Writing and Rhetoric Online MA is designed to prepare students for successful employment as writers, editors, and writing instructors in various industries and institutions, including business, technology, science, and two-year colleges. This specialization allows students the flexibility of selecting a focus on Professional Writing or Rhetoric and Writing.

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Create effective written and visual documents for multiple audiences based on theories and concepts central to the fields of technical communication and rhetoric.
  • Evaluate the key theoretical, historical and cultural concepts of the fields of rhetoric and technical communication.
  • Plan communication strategies for creating documents for people from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Create a capstone portfolio reflecting what students have learned over the course of their program.

Program graduates are employed in the following fields and positions:

  • Technical Writers
  • Editors
  • Copy Writers
  • Independent Contractors
  • English Language Teachers, Public and Postsecondary

Required Courses (15 credit hours):

  • ENG 6050: Visual Rhetoric and Practices of Writing
  • ENG 6200: Teaching of Writing
  • ENG 6400: Professional/Technical Writing
  • ENG 6410: Resources and Research in Professional/Technical Writing
  • ENG 6460: Professional/Technical Communication & Rhetoric

Electives (15 credit hours) from such regular offerings as:

Recommended electives:

  • ENG 6420: Professional/Technical Editing
  • ENG 6430: Ethics in Professional/Technical Writing
  • ENG 6450: Science Writing
  • ENG 6470: Topics in Professional/Technical Communication*

Other electives:

  • ENG 5860: Writing Process for Online Documents
  • ENG 6800: Seminar in English Studies*
  • Or other English elective courses

Capstone Experience (1 credit hour):

  • English 6910: Master’s Portfolio

Total for degree: 31 credit hours

Course Rotation

Tuition Costs     

* A student can take multiple different versions of this course number, with each one counting toward the total credit hours for the degree, as long as the topic of each course is different.

Up to 12 hours of these elective courses, if available online, may be taken from outside the English Department and may count toward the degree; students should meet or correspond with their  advisor or the English Graduate Coordinator to determine options.

Note: Students who are geographically close enough to do so may substitute face-to-face versions of these courses if they choose to do so. Any such substitutions should be cleared with the English Graduate Coordinator before enrolling.

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