Evaluation of Transfer Credit

The Office of Transfer Credit Evaluation is responsible for determining how courses will transfer from other institutions to BGSU. All students with transfer credit should review and be familiar with these policies.

If you have taken classes as a post-secondary student at a university other than BGSU, you will need to have an official transcript sent from the college or university directly to the Transfer Credit Evaluation Office in order to receive credit here. Students who have taken Advanced Placement tests will need to have scores sent directly from the College Entrance Examination Board to the Transfer Credit Evaluation Office.

You will be sent a copy of your evaluation of your Transfer Credit Report from Transfer Credit Evaluation via email. Transfer students are encouraged to meet with their assigned advisor as early as possible during their first semester at BGSU to determine how existing credits will apply specifically to their intended major. Some courses from other institutions do not transfer as exact equivalents for BGSU courses. Your advisor may discuss the reasons for discrepancies and offer suggestions for how further evaluation of those credits might be pursued.

If a class transfers in as a 1XXX or 3XXX and your faculty advisor approves a substitution for a major/minor requirement; the faculty advisor submits course substitution form to the college office. All substitutions require approval of the department chair and the Associate Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences.

BG Perspective (general education) credit for transfer students

Updated: 07/05/2021 07:55PM