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Welcome to the Department of History at Bowling Green State University!

We are a diverse community of faculty, staff, students and alums brought together by pursuit of historical thinking and historical knowledge. Our mission is to further historical thinking to answer problems that matter to our world today. Through our courses our students become creators of engagingoriginal and rigorous historical knowledge that enrich the conversation in our society. Paired with professional development opportunities, we apply our history education to multiple, rewarding career tracks, such as consulting, education, government, law, museums, public relations, to name a few. Our faculty and alums are recognized for their expertise in historical research and their leadership in the field of policy history.

We invite you to discover our programs for undergraduate and graduate students, our people, and our current activities in our blog and and social media, such as Facebook and Instagram.


What do we learn in History?

News and Stories

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“1972: From the End of the Vietnam War to the Beginning of Watergate”, Dr. Benjamin Greene’s presentation featured in Wapakoneta Daily News

As we reflect on 50 years since 1972, we contemplate how past events and historical figures impact our present history. Students of Dr. Greene will learn more about this influential period in the HIST 3334/3334H: The Vietnam War course in Fall 2022.

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2022 Student Capstone Projects

Under the instruction of Dr. Andrew Schocket, BGSU students completed their history capstone projects, which covered a wide range of topics. Each student wrote a blog post or created a presentation relating some interesting aspect of history, or their experience with it, to the wider public.

"Historians Take Over Grand Rapids, Michigan", Read How Our Grad Students Explore Public History Beyond Our Campus

6 BGSU history graduate students traveled to Grand Rapids, Michigan to embark on a 24-hour public history experience. Supported by the department’s student organization, Phi Alpha Theta, and BGSU’s Student Engagement Office, they visited the Gerald Ford Presidential Museum and the Grand Rapids Public History Museum and reflected on how public history can be taught in many immersive ways.

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