Department of History

Welcome to the Department of History at Bowling Green State University!

We invite you to discover our innovative programs for undergraduate and graduate students, which provide an education applicable to multiple career tracks. Our mission is to further historical thinking as a mode of knowledge uniquely suited to answer problems that matter to our world today.

Our community is based on the pillars of respect for diversity, and drive for inclusion. We have a broad array of scholarships, we offer a varied array of classes and design programs around broad access beyond traditional formats, such as our online Graduate Certificate in History for Educators.

Through our courses in American and world history, and professional development courses, our students become creators of engaging, original and rigorous historical knowledge that enrich the conversation in our society.  We invite you to explore the courses scheduled for upcoming semesters.

We take our mission out of the classroom and to the general public through our engagement with the community, the history profession, and partnerships with regional museums and historical societies.

Our faculty are sought after by media outlets, podcasts and national organizations for their expertise. Driving this engagement is our faculty’s high-quality research that results in books, world-class edited volumes, articles and presentations in national and international venues.


What can you do with a History Degree?

A history major’s problem solving and analytical skills are relevant in many industries

Study Abroad

Studying abroad provides life-changing opportunities for our students to explore other countries, research different cultures, and gain practical field experience. BGSU offers hundreds of international academic programs in more than 50 countries worldwide.

This student-produced video gives a glimpse of the January 2020 study abroad course in Costa Rica. Through a two-week immersive study abroad experience, this project aimed to observe the biodiversity within Costa Rica and investigate the nation’s conservation efforts through excursions, lectures, and interactions with locals.

News and Stories

hiking trail at the park

“1972: From the End of the Vietnam War to the Beginning of Watergate”, Dr. Benjamin Greene’s presentation featured in Wapakoneta Daily News

As we reflect on 50 years since 1972, we contemplate how past events and historical figures impact our present history. Students of Dr. Greene will learn more about this influential period in the HIST 3334/3334H: The Vietnam War course in Fall 2022.

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2022 Student Capstone Projects

Under the instruction of Dr. Andrew Schocket, BGSU students completed their history capstone projects, which covered a wide range of topics. Each student wrote a blog post or created a presentation relating some interesting aspect of history, or their experience with it, to the wider public.

The Humanities in times of COVID

The Department of History, in collaboration with English and the Institute for the Study of Culture and Society, obtained a grant for more than $270,000 from the National Endowment for the Humanities <> to support humanities programs during the COVID crisis and to learn from the multimodal experience. Chad I. Duffy (English) and Amílcar E. Challú (History) are the co-principal investigators.

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