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We are a diverse community of faculty, staff, students and alums brought together by pursuit of historical thinking and historical knowledge. Our mission is to further historical thinking to answer problems that matter to our world today. Through our courses our students become creators of engagingoriginal and rigorous historical knowledge that enrich the conversation in our society. Paired with professional development opportunities, we apply our history education to multiple, rewarding career tracks, such as consulting, education, government, law, museums, public relations, to name a few. Our faculty and alums are recognized for their expertise in historical research and their leadership in the field of policy history.

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What do we learn in History?

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Froggie went a’courtin: A Reflection on Environmental History from Dr. Amílcar E. Challú

"Froggy is a terrific example of how (traditional?) ecological knowledge sneaks up in folklore and more broadly our culture. In Froggy I hear the echoes of nature observation and ecological knowledge that imho help understand the playfulness surrounding the song, its resilience and adaptability to convey different meanings depending on the context"... Read more in his blog post!

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Undergraduate Students Present at the American Historical Association's Undergraduate Lightning Round

Under the instruction of Dr. Benjamin Greene, two BGSU undergraduate students presented their research from their final project in HIST 3334: The Vietnam War. Learn more in their blog posts about their experiences presenting at a national conference and more!

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Dr. Douglas Forsyth discusses The Ukraine War: Sanctions from the USA and its allies on Russia, and Russia’s withholding of gas from Europe upending world energy markets

An Excerpt of Dr. Forsyth's presentation: “Energy Geopolitics,” for the Foreign Policy Association, and the Wood County Committee on Aging’s Great Decisions Lecture Series, 2023, Bowling Green (21 January 2023)

Updated: 02/14/2023 10:06AM