Liberal Studies


What is the Bachelor of Liberal Studies?

  • Would you like to take a more broad-based approach to your education?
  • Was your college education interrupted and you want to finish your bachelor's degree?
  • Are you looking for a degree program allowing you to take all of your coursework online?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the College of Arts & Sciences' Bachelor of Liberal Studies program may be the right fit for you. The BLS program provides you with the opportunity to learn and develop skills through a personalized curriculum geared to your interests and needs, designed to enhance your knowledge in a field of your choice or prepare you for a career beyond college.

In cooperation with your academic advisor, through the BLS program you will take responsibility for designing a liberal arts degree program that matches your educational goals within the parameters of the BLS degree requirements.

The Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree program is best for students who are:

  • Returning to college seeking degree completion.
  • Motivated to design their own course of study.
  • Seeking flexibility in a degree completion program.

The pages that follow provide a wealth of information on the BLS program. We hope that you will consider BLS as a way to bring your educational aspirations to life.

Language Requirement

  • Students must complete two years of a language other than English in high school, or two college level semesters.
  • Newly admitted students' high school transcripts will be reviewed to determine if the requirement has been met.
  • Transfer students are exempt from the language requirement if they have completed 30 or more semester credit hours at their previous institution.
  • Continuing BGSU students should discuss how this requirement affects them with their advisor.

Updated: 12/20/2022 04:03PM