Mike Rutkowski

Mike Rutkowski

Monnier Family Foundation Outstanding Artist Award - Nominee

Luminous Curse

Luminous Curse - Installation

Description of Work

Luminous Curse - 3D modeling - Not for sale

Artist's Statement

Luminous Curse

Lighting can be a powerful tool that artists sometimes look over when trying to create interesting compositions. A need for texturing and realistic models is over exaggerated. My work experiments with how colored lighting throughout a 3D modeled scene can express more than a textured scene. Light and color can highlight a difference of characteristics between people, places, and objects through the use of ambient light, which assists in conveying a narrative emotion or mood. Furthermore, the overarching idea of the piece is also to represent the thieving history of different societies acquiring/robbing objects and relics from other cultures without issues in the name of “preservation” where they take the items from its community. This animation shows a story of two collectors from different times that discover a hidden chamber where a mysterious relic is displayed. Little did they know, when the adventurers stole the relic a curse was set upon them. My work shows how a curse unfolds in unexpecting ways. Witness how the curse takes effect with how the light changes the initial environment to something new.  

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