BFA Awards

BFA Awards

Alumni Association Awards

Dominick and Elizabeth Labino Art and Technology Award

Fawn Denbow


Emily Sullivan    Title: “Memories of Summer’s End”

Megan Gercek    Title: “The Legend of Kalvelya”

Roman Brown    Title: “Side Effects of Quick Compliment”

Fawn Denbow    Title: “Behind the Mirror”

Gyona Rice    Title: “Mind Your Speech”

Emerald Batty    Title: “The Red Pen Project”

Monnier Family Foundation Outstanding Artist Award

Stephanie Childers


Mike Rutkowski    Title: “Luminous Curse”

Stephanie Childers    Title: “Meander: An Evening Adrift”

Hannah Swearingen    Title: “US-24”

Allison Bingham    Title: “Large Poppy Platter”

Ty Weber    Title: “Yourself + Others”

Emerald Batty    Title: “The Red Pen Project”

Medici Circle Cup Best of BFA Show Award

BFA Class of 2020


Medici Circle Purchase Prize Award 

Maria Jenkins

Anna M. Kondev, 1997


The external Juror for this year was Ken Thompson. He has his Fine Arts in painting from Siena Heights College, Adrian, Michigan. Ken has been making sculpture for over twenty-five years out of his car dealership turned studio in Blissfield, Michigan. From this facility, he and his eight employees also operate Flatlanders Sculpture Supply and Art Galleries, with year-round exhibitions open to the public.

Ken Thompson's Website


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