Certificate in Geospatial Technology

The School of Earth, Environment, and Society offers a graduate certificate in Geospatial Technology. The purpose of the certificate program is to provide graduate students with training in geospatial theory, research design, and its application in fields related to their discipline. Because this is a joint endeavor of Geology, Geography, and Environmental Programs, students may opt for a sequence of courses that will be focused in either the natural or the social sciences, depending on their disciplinary orientation. Requirements for the certificate consist of a sequence of courses; no research project is required. Students may take these courses as part of their regular M.S. degree requirements.

Students must formally apply for the certificate program, and complete a separate TDP-like form for it, the “Certificate Plan of Study”. The CPS should be submitted in the semester in which the student enrolls for the 9th hour of credit for the certificate. Students should not include the certificate on their M.S. degree TDP form (e.g., as a “specialization”).