Graduate Program

The Master of Arts Program in Theatre at Bowling Green State University is designed to provide students with fundamentals essential for the development of independent thought and expression, ingredients necessary for creative scholarship and artistry in the theater. Students are afforded a basic understanding of theatre and performance history, theory, criticism, and research methods and their application to practical work in theatre.  Students may pursue one of two courses of study: the M.A. Thesis Track (i.e., Plan I), or the M.A. Portfolio Track (i.e., Plan II).

The doctoral program in Theatre at Bowling Green State University emphasizes the connection of theatre and performance studies scholarship to artistry, and their application in pedagogical and other professional contexts.  Students are engaged in a course of study grounded in a thorough understanding of Theatre Performance History, Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Theories, and Research Methods.  Practically, the course of study aims to prepare graduates to conduct original research, to teach, to consider the application of  advanced theatre studies skills in contexts beyond the academy, and to participate in theatre production in a range of capacities.  While the mission of the department is to prepare theatre studies graduates who approach the theory and practice of theatre and performance in an integrated manner, it should be understood that the primary emphasis of any doctoral program in the arts focuses on historical, theoretical, and pedagogical approaches to the subject matter rather than solely or even predominantly on artistic practice.

For more information about the program, contact Graduate Coordinator Angela Ahlgren at:

The performance studies certificate is open to all graduate students enrolled at Bowling Green State University. Through this certificate program the student will explore the histories, theories, and practices of Performance Studies. The focus is on the relationship between text and practice; performance as a reflection of society, a witnessing to an experience, or a challenge to social structures or ways of knowing; emerging ideas of audience reception theory; interdisciplinary connections with cultural studies, communication studies; and U.S./global performance practices. The certificate may be used as a research methodology or area of specialization within a degree program or other course of study, as a gateway into an advanced degree program in Performance Studies/related field, or as a foundation for work in community-based performance or theatre of social action/change.

Core Sequence (7 credits):
THFM 6630 Introduction to Performance Studies (3)
THFM 6680 Performance Studies (3)
THFM 6660 Directed Research in Portfolio Development to serve as a capstone experience. (1)

Supplementary Elective Courses (9 credits):
Electives for the Graduate Certificate Program in Performance Studies may be filled by courses in Theatre and Film, and/or other departments and programs. Electives will be selected by the student subject to approval by the graduate coordinator of the Department of Theatre and Film.

For more information, contact:

Angela Ahlgren, PhD.
Graduate Coordinator
Dept of Theatre and Film

How to Apply

To apply to the Graduate Program in Theatre at Bowling Green State University (M.A., Ph.D., and the Graduate Certificate in Performance Studies), prospective students must complete the Graduate Program Application.

Prospective students may apply for admission for Fall, Spring, or Summer terms.  However, Assistantships and/or Tuition Scholarships are offered only to those students applying to the M.A. and Ph.D. programs, and seeking to begin the program of study in the Fall term.

Those seeking Admission and an Assistantship and/or Tuition Scholarship must complete the Graduate Program Application and submit all required supporting materials by January 15 proceeding the academic year for which the appointment is desired.

Deadline for Fall 2023 admission is January 15, 2023.  If you are interested in applying but cannot make the deadline, please contact Graduate Coordinator Angela Ahlgren at:

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