Stephanie Childers

Stephanie Childers

Monnier Family Foundation Outstanding Artist Award - Winner

Meander:An Evening Adrift

Description of Work

Meander: An Evening Adrift - Digital video installation - Not for Sale

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Artist's Statement

Meander: An Evening Adrift​ is an immersive installation and animation environment that presents a quiet perspective in an alternative reality. Often referred to as the “magic hour” by photographers, the golden hour is the time just before the sun has set (or just after it has risen) where the sky displays dazzling hues of orange, red, and pink. ​Meander​ transports viewers to a different world, unaffected by the horrors of a dying planet, societal issues, and personal stress, where viewers are invited to escape to this magical time of day and relax, rewarded by the minute, detailed beauties of the environment. The longer the viewer lingers with the ten minute work, the more they are rewarded with meditative peace. ​Meander: An Evening Adrift​ highlights the beauties of the golden hour and its liminal qualities by allowing its viewers to immerse themselves into an endless loop of this enchanting time.

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