Morgan Beier

Morgan Beier


Description of Work

508 - Virtual Reality using Maya 2019, Unity, Oculus and Photoshop - Not for Sale

Artist's Statement

Domestic, quiet, environments, provide me with endless curiosity and the need for exploration. Within these environments I tend to have a need to explore, and as a result I create scenarios, assumptions and inferences within my own mind about whoever or whatever resides within the environment. The more detailed the environment the more interesting it becomes. To some it may look cluttered, but to me it can reveal a lot about an individual(s) lifestyle and personality. These various independent elements conjure a state of homeostasis represented by physical means. I also find that the unique calm places where there is an absence of human presence that I also find interesting. 

Color has been one of the most important principles within my artwork. I took the principle of color more seriously when I learned more about the impressionists. I was blown away by how they were able to utilize color in ways to capture light, shadow and form, to depict a specific moment in time that could never be seen and captured again. As I started learning about 3D Modeling and texturing I enjoyed the process of creating objects from simple shapes. As I continued with 3D Modeling, I learned how to think and draw in a 3-dimensional space as well as a 2-dimensional one. I feel like an architect when I create 3D models, while at the same time I feel like a painter who is in control of every brushstroke.


Domestic, quiet, environments, provide me with endless curiosity and the need for exploration, which heightens my ability to focus and relax. Throughout this VR experience, the viewer will investigate the space and discover hidden elements that allude to who might reside there.  The calm space, juxtaposed with the intense exterior view, will encourage the viewer to stay within the comfort of the room.

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