Jena Fleishmann

Jena Fleischmann

Description of Work

Chocolate Cake - 24" x 24" - Oil on canvas - Not for Sale

Breakfast - 24" x 24" - Oil on canvas - Not for Sale

Spaghetti - 24" x 24" - Oil on canvas - Not for Sale

Toast and Jam -  24" x 24" - Oil on canvas - Not for Sale

Artist's Statement

"The Beaty In the Remains"

This series of paintings demonstrates the beauty within the remains of what we eat. The reflection from the natural lighting in the different kinds of food, as well as the plates and forks presented, intrigue me. What was once the dull, matte remnants of a meal now look shiny and polished. When the natural sunlight hits the pieces of food, the colors in the food reflect off of the different plates, making the undertones in the dishware more noticeable. The jam on a gleaming silver knife can now show the pink and yellow tones from what I thought was just a plain strawberry jam. The egg yolk now shows hints of green and orange. The thickness and creaminess that comes with ketchup and egg yolk are more apparent. All of the tiny grains in the multigrain toast are more noticed. Paying attention to the remains of our food compelled me to step back and appreciate minor things in our lives that we tend to neglect. The observation fixed in these paintings shows me that every part of our life has interest, as long as we look for it, figuratively and literally.

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