MA in English (Online)

Master of Arts in English with a specialization in English Teaching


Offered entirely online and designed for those involved in or preparing for middle school English teaching, high school English teaching, AP teaching, two-year college teaching, or dual-enrollment programs (such as Ohio's College Credit Plus program, among others). This exclusively online MA specialization provides a combination of courses in language, literature, and writing, as well as the teaching of writing and of literature.

Required Courses (15 credit hours / 5 courses):

  • English 6040: Graduate Writing
  • English 6070: Theory and Methods of Literary Criticism
  • English 6090: Teaching of Literature
  • English 6150: Introduction to Linguistics
  • English 6200: Teaching of Writing

Electives (15 credit hours / 5 courses) from such courses as:

  • English 6400: Professional/Technical Writing
  • English 6420: Professional/Technical Editing
  • English 6430: Ethics in Professional/Technical Communication
  • English 6800: Seminar in English Studies*
  • English 7800: Seminar in Rhetoric and Writing (online course offerings relevant to target audience include Grammar in the Context of Writing, Online Learning for English Educators)*
  • Or other English elective courses

Capstone Experience (1 credit hour):

  • English 6910: Master's Portfolio

Total for degree: 31 credit hours

Course rotation

* A student can take multiple different versions of this course number, with each one counting toward the total credit hours for the degree, as long as the topic of each course is different.

Up to 12 hours of these elective courses, if available online, may be taken from outside the English Department and may count toward the degree; students should meet or correspond with the English Graduate Coordinator to determine options.

Note: Students who are geographically close enough to do so may substitute face-to-face versions of these courses if they choose to do so. Any such substitutions should be cleared with the English Graduate Coordinator before enrolling.

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