David Rummel

David Rummel

Description of Work

Flasks - Ceramic - $80 each

Coffee Sets - Ceramic - $250 each

Artist's Statement

Utility is something that has been engrained into my mind from a young age. My forms have developed from the ideas of handmade precision and clean craftsmanship from exposure to antique furniture. Producing pottery is a way to apply my thoughts and ideas toward something that completes a task. I am drawn to functional pottery due to the engagement between the pot and the user.

I craft pottery that is a part of daily rituals, designed so that the user will be able to slow down and enjoy themselves. Pottery is relevant in every household, in every social class. Even though these objects are hidden in cupboards, there is an intimate relationship between the user and the pot. In reading craft theory, I’ve learned my favorite quality of utility is that it can transcend spatial or social boundaries. Mankind has been developing vessels, supports, and covers since they began walking upright. Creating objects that have such primordial qualities is an empowering act. Everyone needs a vessel to eat or drink out of, so I take pride in making pottery that is not only beautiful, but does exactly as it is supposed to.

I have an interest in service sets and creating the vehicle my pottery will use for transport. In order to travel from room to room with more pots than hands, a tray may be used. Reaching into another facet of craft, the tray is meant to support the set. My trays are designed in a way to lift from the table, but not distract from the pottery. With all of the handmade work together, I hope to ground the user, allowing them to enjoy their time and connect with my work.

If you wish to purchase any of these pieces, please contact the gallery director, Jacqueline Nathan (jnathan@bgsu.edu.)


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