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Arts & Sciences Student Handbook

We hope this handbook will be an aid to help answer many of your questions about the College and University.  You should use this handbook as an informational supplement to the BGSU Undergraduate Policies, Programs, and Courses.  Be sure to use the catalog year associated with the year you entered into BGSU.

It is important to note that the ultimate responsibility for understanding and meeting all degree requirements is yours.  We wish you well in your various academic and extracurricular pursuits.



AIMS - The AIMS program has two scholarship packages with distinct requirements.  The AIMS Standard scholarship is traditionally awarded to women and students of color with STEM majors.  The AIMS BOSEF scholarship targets Ohio residents majoring in the following majors: chemistry, physics, biology, geology, environmental science, applied mathematics, mechanical and manufacturing engineering technology and with career goals related to renewable energy.

BGSU Bookstore Civic Action Leaders - The Civic Action Leader program is a 3-year scholarship program.  Students apply in the spring of their first year and participate in the program during their sophomore, junior, and senior years.  Selected students receive a $2,450 scholarship applied to their bursar account a $600 book loan each semester, for a total of $6,100 yearly. The scholarship is generously sponsored by the BGSU Bookstore. Dependent on funding, students are eligible for the CAL scholarship for 3 years.

Hartford Technology Rentals Scholarship -  Hartford Technology Rentals is offering two $1000 scholarships that are available to students studying in the IT or related fields.  One scholarship will be awarded in December and one in May. You may apply for both scholarships separately.

Science & Math Education in Action-  Bowling Green State University, in conjunction with the Ohio Board of Regents, offers a scholarship program for incoming freshman students interested in teaching science and/or mathematics in any grades 4 through 12.* In addition to scholarships, the program involves a number of innovative features that are designed to prepare undergraduates to be exceptionally effective teachers.

Stuart R. Givens Memorial Fellowship -  Inspired by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Burch Fellows Program, the Stuart R. Givens Memorial Fellowship was initiated by friends of Dr. Givens to honor his passion for student learning. Students will be encouraged to think broadly in shaping their projects; that is, to look beyond activities that relate to their field of academic study. It is expected that the experience will make a demonstrable difference in their lives and help them grow both personally and intellectually. Up to two Givens Fellows will be chosen annually. Each will receive a cash grant of up to $6,000 to support the projects they have developed.

Undergraduate Research Grants [CURS] -  This program provides up to $500 for supplies associated with research, scholarship, and creative work facilitated by undergraduate students during the fall or spring semester under supervision of a faculty mentor. It furthermore provides up to $200 of financial support for the undergraduate student conducting the project. Applications are welcomed from undergraduate students from all disciplines, and participants need not be affiliated with the Honors Program.  Grants are awarded in the Fall and Spring.

Pre-Professional Programs

Preparation for Dentistry - Depending upon backgrounds and interests there are numerous ways students can prepare for dental school through BGSU’s pre-dentistry program. Dentistry schools often expect students to have a bachelor’s degree before entering, although a few well-prepared students may be admitted after three years of undergraduate work.

Preparation for Engineering -  Pre-engineering is a one- to three-year program within the physics department at BGSU. After completion, you may decide to transfer to an engineering college to complete professional training, or due to the strong science-mathematics base, you may opt to move into any one of several science-oriented majors at BGSU.

Preparation for Law - Our pre-law track offers you the skills, focus and broad-based education that will steer you toward success at the top law schools in the country. The pre-law program provides a competitive edge by combining challenging and varied courses, specially designed advising for our students, and the involvement of leading University alumni in the field of law.

Preparation for Medicine [M.D. or D.O. Degree] - Our students in pre-medicine not only take the classes required for admission to medical school, but also choose a major in a specific subject matter area. So, you can major in art and still go to medical school as long as you have 1) successfully completed the courses required for admission to medical school, 2) a strong GPA in science as well as overall GPA and 3) demonstrated a dedicated interest in health care delivery.

Preparation for Mortuary Science -  “Pre-Mortuary Science” is a term used to describe students who either plan to enter a Mortuary Science school after graduating from college or after completing a minimum of 60 hours required for entrance. When a student is “Pre-Mortuary Science”, they are not only taking the classes required for admission to study Mortuary Science, but they also have a major in a specific subject matter area.

Preparation for Occupational Therapy - Occupational therapy is an exciting health profession. Occupational therapists help people who have physical and/or psychological challenges maximize their ability to perform daily living, work and leisure occupations.  When a student is "pre-occupational therapy", he or she is not only taking the classes required for admission to occupational therapy school, but also has a major in a specific subject matter area. A student can choose any major and still go to occupational therapy school so long as he or she has 1) successfully completed the courses required for admission to occupational therapy school, 2) has a strong overall college GPA, and 3) has demonstrated a dedicated interest in health care delivery.

Preparation for Optometry -  BGSU offers the pre-optometry courses needed by students wishing to pursue a career as an optometrist.  A student can choose any major and still go to optometry school as long as he or she has 1) successfully completed the courses required for admission to optometry school, 2) has both a strong science and overall college GPA, and 3) has demonstrated a dedicated interest in optometry medicine.

Preparation for Pharmacy - Students also have the opportunity to enroll in several years of pre-pharmacy courses in preparation to transfer. Nationally, schools and colleges of pharmacy offer six-year programs leading to a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

Preparation for Physician Assistant -  Physician Assistants (PAs) are health care professionals licensed to practice medicine under physician supervision. PAs are employed by doctor’s offices, clinics, hospitals, and other health care agencies.  As part of their comprehensive responsibilities, PAs conduct physical exams, diagnose and treat illnesses, order and interpret tests, assist in surgical procedures, counsel on preventive health care issues, and write prescriptions.  

Preparation for Veterinary Medicine - BGSU offers courses for students interested in a pre-veterinary medicine program. Many alumni are practicing veterinary medicine in Ohio. Nearly all of our alumni who entered veterinary medicine school immediately after graduation earned D.V.M. degrees at The Ohio State University.

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