Emily Liza Mowry

Emily Liza Mowry

Description of Work

Untitled 1 - 24" x 24" - Oil paint on canvas - $150.00

Untitled 2 - 24" x 24" -  Oil paint on canvas - $150.00

Untitled 3 - 20" x 20" -  Oil paint on canvas - $100.00

Untitled 4 - 20" x 20" -  Oil paint on canvas - $100.00

Untitled 5 - 16" x 16" - Oil paint on canvas - $55.00

Artist's Statement

These paintings are essentially reactions of memories and experiences. I filter color from a significant memory or experience, and translate it to canvas. This is a synesthetic tendency that I have involving the allocation of colors to specific areas on the canvas. The brushstrokes and fluid-like motion of the compositions are related to my reactions of the color that has been applied. The artistic movement of abstract expressionism influences me to create imagery this way. More specifically, people like Kandinsky and Fiona Rae inspire me to look at the world in a different, and uncomplicated way. I am interested in creating a glimpse into a different reality, which is formed through a chaotic uproar of congruent color.

Overall, my goal is to create an engaging visual scene through line variation, color and form. I want to connect to the individual and allow for personal interpretation. Simply put, my paintings and their compositions are formed around colors and shapes and the way they interact with each other. I believe, that in all forms of imagery, color harmony has an important place. To achieve balance of color, I use a wet on wet technique where colors move freely to create their own forms. I trust that the formal language of closely related simple forms and colors will create compelling compositions and inspire emotional intelligence. I hope to invoke diverse interpretations and new thought forms by transcending mere appearances, thus submitting the mind to the spirit of the painting.

Artist's Website

If you wish to purchase any of these pieces, please contact the gallery director, Jacqueline Nathan (jnathan@bgsu.edu.)


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