Ph.D. in Rhetoric & Writing Studies

Rhetoric & Writing PhD students Bailey Poland, Clay Chiarelott, Lena Ziegler, Travis Hein, and Brian Urias

The Rhetoric & Writing Studies doctoral program has suspended admission for the 2024-2025. Doctoral faculty are focusing on mentoring students already in the program and revising the curriculum.

Program Description

BGSU's doctoral program in Rhetoric and Writing Studies equips applicants with a broad range of skills whose interests in rhetoric and writing studies move them to seek careers as teacher-scholar-administrators at a variety of institutions of higher education. The program emphasizes rhetoric and composition/writing studies as its core curriculum and provides students with a thoroughgoing foundation in rhetorical theories and histories, composition theories and pedagogies, research methods and designs, digital rhetorics, program administration, as well as hands-on internship experiences. Special topics courses address current interests within the discipline, such as writing assessment, feminist methodologies, accessibility and inclusion, writing transfer, and sociocultural theory. In addition, students take electives in Rhetoric and Writing Studies, in other areas of English (critical theory and literature, teaching English to English language learners, scientific and technical communication), or in other departments. 

The Rhetoric & Writing Studies doctoral program has suspended admission. Doctoral faculty are focusing on mentoring students already in the program.


Photo of Charity Givens looking to the side in front of a lake and treeline

Charity Givens wins the Mick Doherty Kairos Award

Second-year Ph.D. student, Charity Givens, is the 2022 recipient of the Mick Doherty Kairos Award! 

This scholarship recognizes effectiveness, resourcefulness, creativity, and passion for teaching among doctoral students in Rhetoric & Writing in the English Department at Bowling Green State University. Learn more about the award.

News and Stories

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Charity Anderson to present at the 2023 CCCC Convention

Charity Anderson is accepted as a presenter at the 2023 CCCC Convention. Her panel will also include professionals outside of BGSU. They will discuss methods of disability access and inclusion in higher education.

Charity Givens publishes paper

Charity Givens, Ph.D student in the Rhetoric & Writing Studies program, published her article, "Analyzing Writing Style and Adapting to a New Writing Culture: A Teaching Practice," in The Journal of Academic Writing.

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