Allison Bingham

Allison Bingham

Monnier Family Foundation Outstanding Artist Award - Nominee

Description of Work

Millefleur Plate Series- Ceramics - $50.00 each (bottom)

Petal plates- Ceramics - $50.00 each (top)

Millefleur Vases - Ceramics - $60.00 each

Leaf Platter - Ceramics - $60.00 each (center)

Large Poppy Platter - Ceramics - $80.00

Artist's Statement

I desire to bring beauty into existence through improvisational floral motifs, which are inspired by flowers and nature scenes that bring joy to my life. The original source of imagery comes from when I was younger and my days were filled with exploring forests near my house in Northwest Ohio. It is through this imagery that I have formed my own language represented through the techniques and forms I choose to create. I use clay as my medium of choice for its incredible ability to record marks, scratches, and fingerprints. It is through using hand building techniques that this body of work gains the aesthetic that is intuitive, expressive, and personal. What I love, and use to my advantage, about hand-built ceramics is that neither the same marks nor the same piece will ever be created twice. I find joy and serenity in the act of making these pieces with the intent that they will be used as both wall decorations and in family gatherings. It is my desire to provide those who utilize this work with the same sense of joy and serenity that I feel.

Initially, when contemplating which form would best suit my endeavors, plates stood out to me. Since they are smooth and flat, there was a copious amount of surface to explore the intuitive line drawings that I create. I have found when creating my surface design it is necessary that I allow myself to improvise with gestural lines and quick brush strokes so that what I create is something that is expressive of the effortless beauty that I see in nature. I chose to display the plates on the wall for them to exist outside of a cabinet, then they can bring joy to the room they are displayed in.

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