Arts Village Learning Community


Open to students of any major, the Arts Village is a residential learning community that involves exploring all aspects of the arts and sharing views with one another and faculty of various disciplines. The community keeps the creative spirit alive and well on a daily basis with on-site classes specifically geared to art students, as well as collaborative projects, activities, and social events.                                                         

Arts Village
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Important Information

Joel O'Dorisio
Learning Community Director

Community Highlights

  • COMMUNITY | Living in a supervised community with other young artists allows students to network among each other and experience personal attention from professional artists.
  • CRITICAL THINKING| Students expand their existing paradigms about the world and their membership in that community; culture and how it reflects and informs that community; and the rights and responsibilities of creating art within that community.
  • COLLABORATION | Through participation in collaborative creative projects, students will experience new, unprecedented artistic endeavor that crosses boarders of meaning and spans multiple artistic disciplines and media.
  • CREATIVITY | Through expanded opportunities for creativity, students will enjoy greater risk taking within a safe space to experiment, learn and grow in a challenging, but supportive environment.
  • CONNECTEDNESS | Students supplement their learning experiences in BGSU courses offered by the College of Music, the School of Art, the Department of Theatre and Film, and the creative writing and dance program.

Engaging Experiences

  • PEOPLE: A residential learning community of interdisciplinary artists, scholars, professors, students, and other dedicated individuals who value the arts.
  • CLASSES: Electives in a variety of disciplines are offered in Kreischer for AV students. All students enroll in RESC 2000A, a community-based field experiences course. 
  • MENTORING: Students have the opportunity to work intimately with knowledgeable staff, student leaders and upperclassmen to create a network of artists.
  • PROGRAMMING: Visit galleries, attend concerts, theatrical and dance productions, and listen to readings as part of our many extra and co-curricular programming. There are programs almost every night; ranging from student-run programs to guest speakers.
  • TRIPS: We offer study trips, often for course credit, to explore various cultures through an artistic lens. Some of the places we've visited include South Bronx, Detroit, Chicago, Navajo Reservation and many more!                                                                                              

Arts Village Residential Community

Kreischer Quad

Residential Requirement

Fees* + Residential Fees

  • First Two Years | $200
  • Last Two Years | $75

Must live in the community? Yes
Allows roommate pull-ins? Yes

*Fee is per semester.

Residential Requirement | Students who are members of the Arts Village Learning Community are required to live within the community in order to be a member. If you choose to live in the community, your roommate does not have to be a member of the community.

About the Community | Community members live in a diverse population in Kreischer Quadrangle along with other highly ambitious and motivated students who are members of other learning communities. Students work, live and hang out together to ease the transition to college life, while also helping each other through the wellness program.

Kreischer Quadrangle | The quadrangle consists of four residence halls: Ashley, Batchelder, Compton and Darrow and is the only hall that has on-site, full service dining. The hall features the Sundial Food Court is along with the Alumni Mall, a large courtyard area accompanied by outdoor basketball courts. The Rec Center, intramural fields and athletic complexes are nearby.

How to Apply

Each community has a set of residence hall rooms specifically designated for them. To sign up for one of these rooms, you must apply, and be accepted into the community, prior to April 25, 2018. To ensure your chance to live in the community, please complete the following steps:

Step 1
Complete your housing application
Step 2 Apply here and login with your BGSU username and password
Step 3 Click on Add a New Community Enrollment Request and choose your desired community and academic year/term
Please Note Students can apply only for two communities on their own. If you want to apply to more than two communities, please contact the additional communities you are interested in so they can apply for you. If you have applied for two and change your mind, go into the system and withdraw yourself from the one(s) you are no longer interested in. This will open up a space for you again.

After you have submitted your request to join a community, you will receive an email from the community director approving your request. When it’s time for you to select your room in the next phase, you will be able to view and select rooms within the designated community space in the community’s residence hall. For example, if you choose to join the Chapman Learning Community, you will select a room in Kohl Hall.

Having Trouble Applying?

If you are experiencing any issues when you are trying to apply for this community or any others, please contact Lenee Hammersmith at 419-372-9979 in our Learning Community Office so she can assist you. We are here to help.


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