X'zandra Tammerine

X'zandra Tammerine

Description of Work

Layers of Acceptance2021 - Pour On epoxy resin, Semi-gloss photo paper, Grafix Clear Inkjet Film, Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop, Wacom Cintiq, Procreate, Grumbacher Academy acrylic paint - Not For Sale

Artist's Statement

In March 2020, my father died unexpectedly. His passion to build, draw, and create had inspired me to become an artist, and without him, I felt off balance. Layers of Acceptance is my final goodbye to him, expressing my gratitude for him being there for me, while viewers discover and learn about the dad I knew.

The installation began with the two images you see in the middle. Each layer is digitally painted and then encased in a layer of resin, capturing a sense of depth and mystery between each of the layers, as well as revealing the narrative of my father’s life, interests, and cause of death.

While creating and searching through my father’s old belongings, I discovered more information about him and artifacts that inspired this installation. After discovering an old suitcase full of photos, and his empty photo album, I was drawn to finish his album and create a collection of my own writings, and reflections, of my father, our relationship, and to celebrate his life.

This installation contains many pieces to our relationship and hidden images throughout the many layers. Some are more noticeable, such as his profile hidden in the mountains, while the others require the viewer to dig deeper to find the hidden meanings and aspects of his story. My writings about him help lead the viewer to find those hidden meanings.

Artist's Website: http://Xzandra.com

If you wish to purchase any of these pieces, please contact the gallery director, Jacqueline Nathan (jnathan@bgsu.edu.)


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