Haily Kirchner

Haily Kirchner

Dave Cayton Memorial Scholarship 

Description of Work

Blue Dress2020 - Oil, Canvas - $1,000

Pink Towel2020 - Oil, Canvas - $1,000

Red Yarn2021 - Oil, Canvas - $1,000

Silver Bowl 2020 - Oil, Canvas - $1,000

Yellow Chair2021 - Oil, Canvas - $1,000

Artist's Statement

In the pursuit of realism, I have discovered abstraction. The meaning of this body of work has changed for me overtime. I began in search of small moments of beauty within everyday objects. Through the collection and curation of my images, I realized that what drew me to these subjects is not the beauty they possess, but the abstract surfaces of each object. My work stems from an interest in conceptual realism and is inspired by the works of Catherine Murphy.

Familiarity transforms through repetition. Recognizable objects become foreign when the form is repeatedly studied. This idea holds true in many circumstances. If you repeat a word over and over again, the resulting sound becomes abstract and no longer possess the original meaning. The same experience occurs within this body of work. The time I spent repeatedly examining the subjects becomes visible to the viewer. The effort and care shown to the details of the painting invite the viewer to pause and examine the paintings closer. The mundane objects are instantly recognizable, but when looked at for longer, the formal aspects of the painting open up the subjects to interpretation. Hidden narratives emerge and the subject no longer becomes the focus, as the details, shadows, and forms pull the viewer further into the work. As the viewer contemplates the meaning behind the subjects, they will be called to reconsider the value of the objects that make up the space around them.

If you wish to purchase any of these pieces, please contact the gallery director, Jacqueline Nathan (jnathan@bgsu.edu.)


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