Paige Wowk

Paige Wowk

Dave Cayton Memorial Scholarship 

Description of Work

3D White Nesting Casserole Pt.1 - 2021 - Ceramics - $250

3D White Nesting Casserole Pt.2 - 2021 - Ceramics - $250

Ol’ Hennessy Nesting Casseroles2021 - Ceramics - $250

Artist's Statement

In my ceramics, family has a central role. I’ve come to realize that eating together is a large part of my childhood memories. There is something sacred about eating meals together and surrounding vessels used for these occasions while imbuing them with familial memories. My casserole dishes nest inside one another while maintaining functionality as individual objects that have their own personas. Nesting is defined as; the ability to be placed or stored inside one another. The concept is also associated with the organization of a comfortable space for family to gather and live. Similar to a family, each person is unique, yet fits under the same last name. The intended purpose of my nesting casserole dishes is to provide a vehicle within family meals and gatherings for creating shared memories.

I associate the idea of beauty with organic and fluid shapes–it intrigues me and forces me to reconsider how I complete my work. Each piece I create carries the uniqueness of my touch and intentions while paying careful attention to the overall comfort and usability. While I explore the form, I push and pull the walls of the vessel to produce undulating areas of surface variety while maintaining the utilitarian purpose. My intention is to have the surface obtain a particular persona that embraces and elevates perceived imperfections. Matte glaze emphasizes the manipulated surfaces while my intentional lack of gloss references inconsistencies that occur within oneself through various relationships in life.

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