Sarah Knauf

Sarah Knauf

Description of Work

Restore the Shore 2021 - Graphic Design, Printed media - Not for Sale

Artist's Statement

Restore the Shore is a digital campaign that focuses on educating all people about plastic pollution in the Great Lakes. For millions of lives in the US and Canada, the Great Lakes area is an endless resource for drinking water, food, and habitat. Unfortunately for many decades, the lakes have also been a dumping ground for plastic pollution. With littering to commercial dumping, plastic pollution contributes to contaminated water, damaged habitats, and harm to wildlife and people alike. Restore the Shore aims to inform people about the harms of plastic pollution by providing resources to people that will help them understand why it happens and how they can prevent more damage from happening.

Restore The Shore’s campaign includes a website with information about types of plastic pollution and resources that focus on helping the Great Lakes. The website includes free infographic and campaign-based posters and an interactive quiz to challenge visitors on their plastic knowledge. Restore The Shore will reach a broader demographic outside of the Great Lakes region and inspire others to consider the health of their own water resources. Providing resources and encouraging others to adapt to a new lifestyle will inspire others to start healthy habits now that will start the healing process of our lakes in the future.

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