Emma Robinson

Emma Robinson

Description of Work

Hyper Vigilance 2021 - Ceramic - Not for Sale

Isolation 2021 - Ceramic - Not for Sale

Intrusion 2021 - Ceramic - Not for Sale

Bereavement 2021 - Ceramic - Not for Sale

Distorted and Disillusioned  2021 - Ceramic - Not for Sale

Caring for the Inner Child  2021 - Ceramic - Not for Sale

Rehabilitation  2021 - Ceramic - Not for Sale

Artist's Statement

The experience of PTSD is complex and difficult to verbalize to others. PTSD is often described as a disorder of shame, where the positive aspects of life are negated by a permeating sense of shame towards oneself. My work aims to utilize a visual language to emphasize the importance of building a positive relationship with oneself through prioritizing vulnerability, compassion, and authenticity of self. Though these objects represent my personal experiences with trauma, they are made to transcend these experiences in order to be universally understood by others. The pieces draw attention to more common human experiences such as: physical and emotional pain, loneliness, and insecurity.

My process begins from memory-- forming the figures from personal recollections of my body in space during moments of vulnerability as I cope with PTSD. When rendering these objects, I use very wet clay that is easily manipulated. This characteristic of the clay allows me to work freely and expressively in the beginning--capitalizing on instincts and on the emotional states that occur throughout my creative process. The figures are made in pairs; One represents me healed from PTSD, and the other represents myself afflicted by it. PTSD is characterized by depressive states, hypervigilance, shame, and physical ailments, which is visually reflected through the surface treatment of the figure. The healthy figure is rendered with a smooth surface; the unhealthy figure is rendered roughly-- retaining the texture that is the last step before finishing the piece. The texture is an external indication of the feeling of being incomplete, or a work in progress. The figures are displayed chronologically. The roughness of the figure lessons as time passes to indicate the healing impact of caretaking on the afflicted figure’s mental state. Nudity is meant to indicate vulnerability and emphasize the physical body where the trauma is stored. By using imagery that is inspired by memories of my life, in which I have experienced and initiated acts of compassion, I hope that the visual language that these sculptures embody serves as a reminder to always foster a compassionate relationship with oneself and with others.

If you wish to purchase any of these pieces, please contact the gallery director, Jacqueline Nathan (jnathan@bgsu.edu.)


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