Emily Clair Potter

Emily Clair Potter

Robert W. Hurlstone Memorial Art Glass Award

Description of Work

Asthenosphere I2021 - Glass - $510

Asthenosphere II - 2021 - Glass - $480

Asthenosphere III - 2021 - Glass - $420

Asthenosphere IV - 2021 - Glass - $450

Asthenosphere V - 2021 - Glass - $465

Asthenosphere VI - 2021 - Glass - $400

Asthenosphere VII - 2021 - Glass - $430

Asthenosphere VIII - 2021 - Glass - $410

Asthenosphere IX - 2021 - Glass - $410

Asthenosphere X - 2021 - Glass - $450

Artist's Statement

This series of work is based around botanical patterns as a surface treatment for glass. These botanical patterns are a rendition of the repetitive movements in the process of precision. The work is representation of how even when something is perceived as the same there are subtle differences that make that object unique. Nothing is ever exactly the same. Asthenosphere refers to the layer of the silicate rock between the crust and the outer core of the earth. Glass is formed from silica and much like the layers of the earth, there are steps in the process of glass making that transition the material from a liquid to a solid much like how the molten core of the earth transitions to the crust. The work celebrates these materials by highlighting the natural spherical shape glass wants to make when being manipulated. 

Vessels have been historically linked to being a representation of the human body. These connections address a diverse collection of size, shapes, and color to be the backbone of the series. The work incorporates line, color, and texture into visually complex patterns, to address the nuances of form. Using the same pattern in different placements, the work offers a diverse body of shapes and color. By sequencing these patterns in an array of designs, patters become a way to enhance the unique qualities of each form. The transparency of glass prompts the eye’s advancing investigation into the depth of each piece. Minimal color for each individual piece allows the unity of the pattern to prevail while incorporating diversity between pieces. The simplistic forms make the vessels canvases for the repetitive process of life and striving towards perfection. Asthenosphere is a symbolic embodiment of the materials the earth has to offer and how they can be manipulated to create something beautiful.

Artist's Website: https://emilyclairpotter.com

If you wish to purchase any of these pieces, please contact the gallery director, Jacqueline Nathan (jnathan@bgsu.edu.)


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